Game: Chill

Chill tells the tale of a young boy trying to prove to his "friends" that he's not a coward. Giving in to peer pressure, he sets off to explore the Ringbaur Manor, a legendary "haunted" mansion on the outskirts of his town. His goal is to ring the bell on the top floor as proof to his friends that he's done it. He's forced to overcome his fear and fight against the tricks his brain plays on him during his ascent to the bell tower, though once he reaches his goal these supposed tricks may turn out to be more than mere constructs of his imagination. Chill is a game utilizing a fear mechanic that incorporates the heart beat theme. As opposed to having a health bar, the protaganist of the story instead must monitor his level of fear, but simply keeping his fear level low is not the best solution. The goal is to explore the house while maintaining an equilibrium in regards to your fear level. Too much fear and the house's residents can track you down easier, too little fear and the protagonist slows down and eventually forgets about the dangers that lurk in the darkness. Additionally, we proposed to include audio feedback that would also motivate the player to maintain this balance in a similar way to how Legend of Zelda does it with the annoying low health sound. Not only will the player want to maintain the fear equilibrium to succeed within the game, they also want to avoid the annoying effects that come as a result of failing to maintain the fear equilibrium. Our other focus was to create an atmospheric game that was heavy on story. We wanted to include small pieces of writing, clues and other items that could flesh out the story in an indirect way, thus allowing the player to come to their own conclusions. The basis for the house and the elements that it is composed of are loosely based on real world locations and/or events as well as tropes of horror themed games and movies.



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Sunday, January 27, 2013 - 10:46
Ethan Moses
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