Game: Clockwork

A game about managing 3 different resources, each of which have an effect on each other. Events causing resource damage or triggering mini-games happen at random, and become more frequent and more sever as time goes on. How long can you last when the pressure keeps mounting? (The game isn't properly balanced and not all features work as intended due to time constraints - however, we hope the game still shows off what we were going for and the talents of the people involved! Also, ignore the in-game How to Play option, it was terribly written at the time.) A QUICK EXPLANATION OF HOW TO PLAY. There are three buttons, the left (Black) button sacrifices Oil to create a life. The centre (Green) one sacrifices a Life to refill Energy. The right (Red) one burns Waste using Oil to create Energy. Energy decreases over time to generate Oil. Waste gradually increases over time. There are also several minigames of various states of completion. Most are easy to understand, click when a bar fills or rapidly click to fill a bar. The minigame with the yellow blocks simply requires you to click the cylinder then the cuboid.

Executable or Installer


Unzip the folder and Click the Unity file named Clockwork.




Tools and Technologies

Unity (any product)

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Friday, February 1, 2013 - 17:21
David McArthur
Ryan Esler
Tom Watson
Fely M
Kieran Bamford
hexieboo's picture
Heather Miller


Fely Maitland - Programmer

Kieran Bamford - Programmer

David McArthur - Programmer

Heather Miller - Artist

Ann-Marie Miller - Artist

Tom Watson - Artist

Sean Hills-Galbraith-Watt - Designer

Ryan Esler - Concept Designer

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