Game: Komikaze

We started with this idea of a player filling a hearth with collesterol and another cleaning it... and somehow in some point in the road we end up with this thing... Two player competitive. Each player has control over a small characters placed in his sides of the screen. The character is unable to move, but has a junk-food-cannon, with it the players must feed the third character on the middle of the screen (and some of the sides) filling him with collesterol, and thus pushing the blood pressure displayed on the top of the screen thowards the opponent side. After a while the games end with the explosion of the third character hearth, giving the victory to the player with more influence in his unhealthyness. CONTROLS: Each player has a single button to control. Each time the player press his button the cannon will aim a little higher, but it goes back to his original position in its own. To shoot the cannon, the plyer must hold the button, charging the bar in his side, if its more than 1/3 charged, it will shoot the food. In case it falls inside the middle guys mouth, it will give points to that player, if it hits the other player, it will leave him stunned for a short duration. Cordoba Game Jam 2013 (

decompress in a single folder, dont re arrange folders inside because it might stop working (the "data" folder is the actual sensitive matter)



Mac OS X+
The game is programmed in Processing ( a free open-source language based on Java

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Friday, February 1, 2013 - 19:06

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Paco Álvarez Lojo


Ariel Contreras-Esquivel

Anibal Ocanto Romero

Lucas Farchetto

Paco Alvarez Lojo

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