Game: Papaheartzzi

Papaheartzzi is a 2 players game which consists in a paparazzi who have to catch a celebrity and take a photography. But that won't be a easy adventure, because the paparazzi will has to avoid the NPC who will cross in his way. The relation with the heart topic is because in spanish the literal translation of "gossip" is "heart press"


More the Merrier: The game is a competitive or cooperative multiplayer "party game" (i.e., based on minigames, humor, 4+ players, audience engagement, etc.), meant for one screen or more.
Approved for All Audiences: The game must not show any violence, not even cartoonish. Stepping on living mushrooms is off the list, as is killing any type of enemies, not even undead, though we know they’re already dead…
Bigger Picture: The game touches on a political, environmental or social issue.
May the (Web) Force Be with You: The game runs in a browser with no plugin.


Mac OS X+
Web standard (Html5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
Linux / Unix

Tools and Technologies

HTML5, JS and Python used for some map generation tasks

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013 - 09:00
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