Game: Potenca Korbatadon

In this game you control a small character who is responsible of making the heart of a man beat. The protagonist lives many different events in the game, and your objective is to make the heart beat to the correct rate: if the heart beats too fast or too slow than it needs, the protagonist may live less than expected... During the short story mode, the protagonist will live events which will put his heart to many stress levels, like taking a shower, driving a car, working... Just be sure to provide him the right amount of heartbeats, and everything will go fine. Maybe... Also... Do you know Konami Code? Perfect, why don't you use it?

Executable or Installer


Just run the game, it doesn't need any installation. A short tutorial plays at the beginning of the game.



Software used: - Multimedia Fusion 2 - - Photoshop CS5 - Reason 5 - Audacity


Monday, January 28, 2013 - 09:48


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Federico Ceriani
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Danjel Ricci
Alessandro Gatti


Alessandro Gatti
Lead programmer, gui design

Danjel Ricci

Graphic artist, voice acting

Federico Ceriani
Sound and music design

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