Site Organizer Q&As this week: October 18-ish, 2011

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Submitted by Elonka on Sun, 10/16/2011 - 19:35

For all site organizers (or those who are considering being site organizers), there will be two Q&A (Questions and Answers) sessions in IRC this week. You can attend none, one, or both, whatever you'd like. Please click the links to see what time these are in your local timezone.

* Tuesday October 18, 08:00 UTC (may be October 17 in some timezones)
* Tuesday October 18, 20:00 UTC (may be October 19 in some timezones)

There are two ways to access the IRC chat:

(1) Go to , or
(2) If you have an IRC client, set it for, chat room #ggj

Thanks, and see you there!

The Global Game Jam team

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