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Ali Wallick

Hi! I'm Ali, a Software Engineer at Kaneva and 2011 graduate from Georgia Tech (Computational Media) interested in all aspects of Game Development.

At Kaneva I'm kind of a jack-of-all-trades, working on programming both client and server (mainly UI programming), design, QA, and customer support of 3D Apps. Outside of that, I love game design and programming. Check out my website for some games I've worked on! Programming-wise, I've used Unity 3D (C# and Javascript), Lua, Java, and Processing extensively. I've also worked with Actionscript, web programming, C, and Game Boy programming. With art I am experienced in Maya, Photoshop, and Flash. Certainly not an artist by trade, but in a bind I can definitely help out!

game design
game development
quality assurance
story and narrative


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