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I have been developing for iOS using Cocos2d to create games for the past two years. My primary strength is as an artist/creator. I am also skilled in the creation and implementation of sound effects and voice characterizations. To clarify my skills in particular areas, if I do not clarify one can assume I'm very good at it. If I clarify it is because I am capable to a certain extent which I will try to define...

3d Art, I understand the basic concept and can visualize very well. I am quite confident that I could adapt quickly and develop textures that would work well in games as well as being fairly competent at visualizing to the extent of storyboarding camera and lighting angles etc.

My hardware capabilities are limited to understanding how to hook up devices properly but I cannot rebuild a desktop computer from scratch. Swapping RAM and taking things apart and putting them back the way they were is also fairly simple.

My development/programming skills fall more into modification, adaptation and trial and error but I have been doing that relatively successfully for my own projects and in the corporate world for nearly fifteen years. This would be things like HTML, CSS, web and iOS development, ActionScript, modification of MySQL etc. If I have someone who can refresh my memory on particulars, I'm a pretty good support person.

I can't write music notation and I'm not the best at music theory but I can craft a song well enough to have released four albums of my own.

Creative/Art direction and conceptualization is by far the area in which I work best.

I hope this helps.


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3d art
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