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Sarah Herzog

Hello there! I'm Sarah, and I'm a game programmer. I'm sometimes known around the internet as Jiyambi. I'm originally from the USA, but am currently pursuing a masters degree in Computer Games Technology from University of Abertay, Dundee, in Scotland. I've had a quite colorful journey into the world of game development, with brief stops in the fields of chemical engineering, education, and information technology along the way. I've had a massive variety of experiences in my young life, and I'd love to bring my wealth of life experiences to bear working on games!

In addition to game programming, I'm a writer in my free time and keep a blog over at http://jiyambi.blogspot.com. It covers all sorts of subjects, but primarily focuses on the games industry from both a player and developer standpoint.

I'm currently looking for a position for when I graduate next January. See my portfolio for some other samples of my work!



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