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Michael Bartnett

<p>I'm a music composition major at NYU Steinhardt, but am also pursuing a minor in Computer Science. My first experience with music composition was a result of the need for some music in a nooby little game I was trying to make in QBASIC with my friends. The creative process along with the technical challenge flamed my interest, and now it's what I'm studying to do: Write music and do foley/other sound effects for games.</p>

<p>Programming Experience:
<li>Java: Summer internship at General Dynamics C4 Systems, backend of client for handling protocol messages from an external system, and translating between that and SIP using the jain-sip library</li>
<li>C#: Competent, learning XNA in order to build 2d platformer game</li>
<li>C++: I understand some of the more advanced concepts but never had any opportunity to put them into practice. I know enough to read and mostly understand <i>Game Architecture and Design</i></li>
<li>Objective-C: Started learning this briefly, and if the job requires I can pick it up and get some work done with it</li>
<p>Game Audio Experience:
<li>Understand operation of FMOD and designing music and sound to be affected by programmer-specified variables, just haven't been able to put it into practice</li>
<li>Starting to learn XACT for working with XNA</li>

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