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Andrew Ahlfield

When I'm not swing dancing, I'm constantly hacking away at a personal project. I recently built a low power-footprint machine to run a Mumble VoIP server on top of Arch Linux (shoutout to my LoL bros!). Next project on the horizon will be adapting the chassis of my old laptop screen bezel to house a control board I snagged on ebay, and make it attachable to a stand. Thus I will have a very light/thin 17" 1440x900 lcd monitor with DVI for <$35, and will have learned more about machining and case design.

In professional pursuits, I am currently finishing up my masters degree at the U of M in Mechanical Engineering, with a graduate minor in Human Factors. I took a HF class in undergrad, and it was all over. Computers have always fascinated me, but I'm continuously puzzled as to why they're so difficult to use. I find myself constantly apologizing on behalf of the developer when showing a "not computer person" how to do something as simple as taking a screenshot and editing it in a basic paint program.. Can't we do better here? I think so.. :)


Skills (since the checkbox list is incredibly restrictive to content and order):

  • Ideation/Selection
  • Paper Prototyping/Pseudocode
  • Writing: Story/Documentation/Tutorial
  • GIMP, basic spriting
  • Project/Resource Management
  • Quality Assurance

Trying to get more into code, so hopefully I can put it on this list after this weekend!

2d art
project management
quality assurance
story and narrative


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